Currently, turf is considered as a great alternative to natural looking grass. The product itself being aesthetically sound and of low maintenance is quite popular among sports grounds and play areas like tennis court, a cricket pitch or golf court. Tennis is one of the most popular sports played around the world, therefore one can recognize the shortage of public tennis sports. So what can be done? Well, you can think of turning your backyard into a beautiful tennis court? keep reading the post as it will guide you in numerous ways.

Tennis grass

Before installing Tennis grass,

While you are installing tennis grass, you need to be cautious about a few things such as :-

  • Do you have a friendly neighborhood who supports your decision?
  • Do you have enough space to build a tennis court?
  • Are you thinking of taking tennis as a profession?
  • Have you estimated the budget yet?

While you are planning for tennis court

Installing a Tennis grass or Cricket grass is no such difficult task unless and until you hire a reputable professional for your service. Now if you have space enough to hold a 78 by 36 feet tennis court, then nothing best like it! In case, if you have a smaller backyard, look around for court that’s 27 feet wide. Once you have chosen the space :-

  • Throw out the obstructions like huge stones, pebbles, brushes, debris, junk and so forth.
  • With the help of a spade or shovel, reverse the soil in order to expose the fresh soil from underneath.
  • Rent a roller or ask your professional to take the roller around the playing surface to level it up!
  • After the ground seems to be leveled, install quality Tennis grass and then create an area with the help of spray paints.

On and all, with the help of a high-quality Tennis grass build a backyard tennis court that offers you a golden opportunity to chase your dreams and live them like never before!