“ We do not see the nature with our eyes, but with our understanding and hearts.” -Truly said by William Hazlett. And nothing can beat the beauty of having an alluring external facade but as it Is said that even beauty has a price to pay. Beautifying your lawns include things like fertilizers, mowing, watering on the daily basis, etc. However today several homeowners have started using artificial grass which is simply great but there are a few who are still baffled whether to choose real or artificial grass.

football grass

So here I am with this post that can help you in making a decision whether to choose real grass or go with the artificial one.


Although the appearance of garden space is quite subjective in nature, but the best way to design your surroundings is to go through several designs and decors. Researching well will ultimately broaden your mind and offer you something unique and innovative. Now talking about overall appearance artificial grass can offer a refined look and shine as compared to the real grass.


Artificial grass and natural turf feel completely different, whether you play on a football grass or just sit and relax. Moreover, artificial turf tends to warm up in the sun while natural grass stays cool while on the contrary synthetic grass doesn’t attract bees or such wild insects.

Cleanliness & Maintenance

Like I said before, natural lawns last for a long run if maintained properly while on the other hand, artificial grass does not need anything like mowing, fertilizing, watering or weed controlling. Several experts suggest that synthetic turf’s mostly last for 15 years and in the case of hardwearing then it can decrease up to 7 to 10 years.

Besides, if you are among those who are allergenic to grass then without any doubt you can choose synthetic turfs. So this is it! Keep an eye on this space to know more about football grass.