Whoever said that “ A beautiful looking lawn never happens by itself.” said it absolutely true. Whether you opt for real grass or the artificial one, you need to look after it pretty carefully. Although looking after real grass seems to be more complicated than the artificial one. Here down below I would like to mention a few tips and tricks caring and maintaining your lawn grass in India.

Make an appropriate use of the equipment

Installing artificial grass doesn’t mean that you won’t require any tools or equipment to make it look good. Of course, you do! However you don’t need a mower, but you can definitely think of buying a hose, leaf blower or rake. Perhaps using a stiff brush can work wonders on the artificial grass.

Installing is just the beginning

There are certain post- installation tips that you need to consider such as sweeping the sand across the turf, be it your backyard or any kind of Tennis grass. Apart from that, keep sweeping on the regular basis and remove the dust or debris accumulated between washings. In fact, many experts suggest that cleaning your grass in a manner is an effective way to maintain the perfect position of the turf.

Always keep the lawn grass in India in an erect position

There are times when you might notice that the lawn grass India is not erect as any member or pet laying on it. Well, you don’t need to worry much because, with the help of a broom or handled brush, you can encourage each blade to stand up properly.

Pet droppings need to be removed

With the help of a plastic bag or a pooper scooper,  you can effectively remove from an artificial lawn or the Tennis grass. After removing the waste, spray down the hose for clean and an odor free space.

So this is it! Keep an eye on this space to know more!