golf green grass

Having a green lawn around has always been a pleasure whether you wish to just sit and read or spend the entire night with your loved one. However, there are times especially during the summers when you have to face those unhappening dry lawn. Sad, isn’t it? So, what can be done? Simple, start using artificial lawn grass in India.

Today many homeowners have end up buying artificial turfs for their lawn area as  it seems to be eye catching and well- maintained. Now real grass and artificial one both are in vogue, I mean those who love gardening choose real grass but those who cannot look after their garden areas and still wish to have the feel of one think of using the artificial turf.

But the question still remains the same, which one is better? Here I would like to mention four criteria’s on which these grasses can be differentiated. Take a look!

 Care & maintenance

Real grass lawns need to be watered, irrigated and offered periodic fertilizers at regular intervals while an artificial golf grass lawns need just to be mowed especially during the summers to remove the unnecessary leaves spread over it. Moreover, artificial lawns are much easier to care than real grass and do not attract any kind of insects and pests. Perhaps these grasses can simply be hosed off in no time.


Although installing an artificial lawn grass Indialawn grass India might cost more initially as it requires the sand to be dug up enough, placing and layering of the rubber pallets need to be installed but when we see the big picture for about 15 to 20 years, it seems to be cost effective. So alike maintenance even in cost, artificial grass tends to excel.

 How does it feel?

 These artificial grass are designed in such a way that it may look no lesser than the real grass but the feel can never be the same thing. Although the entire concept of buying artificial lawn grass is super cool; but the actual feel of walking bare feet on the grass is something that you may find missing.