Artificial is made to look like grass and is widely used in sports grounds as a substitute for natural grass. It also finds use in many residential gardens and parks also. Playgrounds and parks for children also have such artificial grass.

A huge lawn at residences takes a lot of time to maintain and water. Most of the homeowners find it difficult to water and look after the lawn and garden plants together. This is the major reason why homeowners look for artificial turf to fill in their landscape. Caring for natural grass requires a lot of time, money and efforts. Some people have no time and money for maintaining natural grass. Synthetic grass helps to conserve water. When proper construction materials are used, the grass looks like a real thing. Artificial turf is considered to be an ideal solution as it requires very little maintenance once it is installed.

Artificial grass does not have to be watered and still, they keep looking fresh. You can save money on water bills. If you are looking for a great garden, synthetic turf can be the best option.

Artificial turfs are considered to be environment friendly. Modern versions of turf are permanent installations and cannot be removed easily. Hence, you should do a lot of research before choosing the turf for your garden.


Artificial turfs are widely used for football grass India as they are completely durable and can withstand the toughest and roughest of play. It has an infill layer, which consists of sand particles and small rubber. This layer acts as a cushion for the athletes and helps to minimize the injury. The surface of football grass is not too hard or slippery.

It is important to get the artificial turf installed properly. Most companies have different costs for installing football grass India. The cost of installation depends on many factors. You should find a company that offers a free quote and design for the customers.

If you want to install synthetic turf in the areas that have bad weather or drought conditions, the professionals can have a difficult time maintaining the lawn. Synthetic grass can make the ground look amazing.

Artificial grass can also be installed in sporting facilities such as tennis courts, football fields, golf course, etc. As the grass is designed for high traffic areas, it required less maintenance. So, the cost of maintenance will be reduced.