Astro Turf Advantage

Artificial turf needs no introduction. It is used since several decades at domestic, commercial and sports level. Its excellent qualities made him a number one choice for the sports. Bearing discrepancy in its density and intensity, the fake turf renders the full sense of freedom. Be it Serena Williams in Wimbledon or David Beckham hitting his football, all the legendary sports figures prefer the astro turf.

The artificial Football Turf was first used in the 1980’s. The professional players played their best game on its surface and gave a thumbs-up to its installation.

Football Grass

Football Fake Turf

There is a discrepancy prevailing in the choice for the Football Turf installation. it’s unfilled and sand-filled systems are amalgamating with the 3G system of rubber infill and sand.

FIFA Football- Fame of Fake

The clubs of England replaced their natural grass system and installed the artificial Football Turf. The world renowned FIFA Federation, in its U-17 World-Cup made use of the artificial Football Turf in one of their stadiums. Most of their matches including the finals are played on the fake Football Turf pitch. The World Cup of Peru (under 17) was the very first International football tournament that used the Football Turf in all its matches. Peru’s climatic condition, made the sports authorities agree on the usage of fake turf. The installed pitch proves beneficial, as a bequest of the country.

Quality Grass Test

It is not an easy task to have a FIFA recommendation. There are several tests, through which the fake Football Turf has to prove its quality, durability and compatibility, to bear the heavy load of matches. Every move, every goal and every football kick, is seen and felt by the player. He constantly strives to be better in his performance. The Football Turf ground pitch has to render strict requirements to render elite and sophisticated game.

To become the FIFA favorite the Football Turf, has to pass a strict laboratory tests and field test. It has to show its strength, quality, durability, safety and color (yes they are imp too) to the experts. It has to show its worth of withstanding oodles of football matches. Fake futsal can only have its recommendation marks after the FIFA members give him a green signal. If they are not completely assured, the grass would go straight back where it came from.

Fake Grass In Futsal

Coming to the futsal game, it is just like soccer but played on smaller courts. It has 5 players each on the court of hard and flat surface. Witnessing the popularity of fake turf the fake Futsal Turf came into existence. It is widely used in futsal international tournaments. Even though fake, Futsal Turf proves a strong challenge to natural turf, and gives a real-green feel to the players. This is a fast-paced game, and the players need to run really fast. To serve an ideal game, the Futsal Turf provides ideal court to the players and increase their performance level and forbid injuries. It renders fast and durable surface with resistance to groundbreaking impacts. Say goodbye to the stones, bumps & overgrown pitches, as Futsal Turf will conquer your satisfaction. Your ball would move better, faster and have that ‘extra bounce and spin’. No more postponing the games or delaying the hours.

There has been an advanced installation of fake grass mirrors that feature the qualities of natural turf. Fake grass gives you that ‘feel’ of playing in the playground paradise.