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Artificial grass is rapidly becoming the best-loved preference among common people and eminent sports players. Several international matches of football, hockey, tennis and cricket are making use of the synthetic grass lawns to avoid hazardous accidents, and increase the gaming efficiency. The artificial sports pitch is built with assorted elements, each bearing a unique characteristic in the field. The sublayer of the artificial tennis grass is made up of moisture absorbing materials covered with crushed stones and lava. After that, there is an installation of the shock absorbing layer clad with the artificial grass. The turf system depends on the final pitch application. It inclines to vary according to the player’s preferences. Some of them include: sand-filled, rubber-filled, non-filled and sand dresses.

An All Round Champion

Natural lawns prove to be an atrocious dream in wet seasons. If you are living in a dry climate, you will face the problems of dry backyard lawns. It is because, natural turf does not possess any impedance towards climatic changes. It succumbs to heavy rainfall, hot summers and chilling winter season. The synthetic grass is a champion of natural calamities and is not vulnerable to environmental changes. It is also termed as ‘carpet’ which was firstly launched by the name of ‘sports face” in the year 1970. Artificial tennis grass also uses synthetic filaments and is being widely accepted in tennis courts, and international tennis tournaments.

Building Process

The fake grass mat is built with synthetic fibers crested into a canvas. They are strengthened with a latex layer. The backing is quite sturdy and there is no threat of pests or moles digging the holes. Some artificial turf mats, are supplemented with root and canvas-foil applied in the middle of their base.

A Fake Mirage For Audience

While looking at the sports arena you will not even realize that the international gamers are running on the fake grass fields and pitches. They easily score in tonnes. Since the arrival of artificial sports grass pitches and courts, the sports authority council has given a green signal for their installation. If you browse through the internet, you will find positive reviews and testimonials of coach and athletes regarding the fake grass pitch. The tennis players too are enjoying the fruits of fake turf, which include:

  • Compared to gravel courts, the artificial tennis grass requires less of caring. You can skip the watering sessions and there is no hassle of cutting or trimming for evenness. The tennis grass is extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions and gives longer sessions of games. It is very sports-friendly and does not dirty the footwear.
  • Normal grass pitches tend to show the signs of wear and tear. The all-powered fake grass provides a constant gaming session of 250 to 300 hours. It does not cut-short the season match tournament nor creates peril of injury to the players. For the tennis players the fake turf courts prove to be an ultimate jackpot. Specially for the lefties who can play the ball differently and confuse the opponent. The ball can spin, slide and bounce with more flourish and speed, compared to the natural turf surface.
  • The fake grass courts do not excel any pressure on player’s legs. They can run effortlessly and maintain their gaming power.
  • Synthetic grass courts provide an evergreen appearance, unlike the natural turf. They do not crack or contaminate which gives the players a chance to run faster without worrying for slippery or broken surfaces.
  • Fake turf when chosen with high qualities, provides excellent results and is duly approved by the International Tennis Federation.

Best ‘FEEL’

Players and athletes do not have any specific preference for the best grass quality. They just know the ‘feel’ that they get on the field while playing. They know how their gaming is being affected by the type of pitch installed for the tournament. The ball often reacts differently owing to the difference in synthetic pitch. The synthetic piles are manufactured in 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, and 34 mm and are installed according to the usage. Whatever the process maybe the artificial tennis grass is indeed the hot-favorite among training and private tennis courts.