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Any sports field demands attention, dedication and excellent performance of the player. Be it the Wimbledon Championship where Nadal and Serena give their best or the cricket players scoring cents by flawless shots. A good tennis court requires artificial tennis grass which is an ideal choice for  athletes and players, as it reduces the risk of injury & doesn’t get wet during the rainy season. Even for residential and commercial usage, the artificial grass can make several dollars each week.

Sports & Synthetic

Synthetic turf is used as the prime alternative for several games. Be it for baseball, for making artificial tennis courts, American football or field hockey, most players opt for the fake turf and have increased their gaming capabilities. They want more of the synthetic turf.

Gravel V/S Tennis Grass

Artificial tennis grass can make you feel like gravel. It gives you a good grip for running and sliding the ball. There are several fake turfs available for tennis courts. You can choose from your favorite type and color. For each game of tennis, the grass qualities tend to be different. One can play on the artificial tennis courts all through the season unlike the gravel courts.

Left Handers Thumbs Up

Countries like London where most International games are organized, are using the artificial tennis grass for their tennis courts. According to a survey made by the NEWYORK TIMES the left handed players prefer the artificial tennis courts, as it provides them unique advantages. This was quite an interesting way of connecting sports and statistics. About ten percent of the world population is left handed. In the year 2011, 16% of the women and men players at Wimbledon singles were lefties. The ball slid slips, bounces and spins in a different way when lefties break the shot. It gives a hard challenge to the opponents who don’t play with such ball techniques. Left handers can serve the slice with two-hand backhand, and can play at a smooth pace by pulling the right handers off the court.

Positive Reviews

Not only the common people, but the popular gamers also prefer the fresh green fake grass on their play-fields. Just compare the lush green tennis court to the natural turf and you will find a visible difference. Natural grass tends to fade after certain seasoned games. It is more prone to wear and tear plus the maintenance trouble. No such hassle is seen in the fake grass courts. They remain evergreen all round the year. If painted with selected colors they receive admiring glances from  players as well as the audience. Another Newyorktimes writer described the play-court as ‘gentle and shock absorbing’. There are no slipping feet or thump sounds when the ball hits hard on the court.

Feels Like Real

Artificial grass has evidently received a thumbs up from worldwide athletes and players. What’s interesting is, you won’t even realize the difference between a fake and a real tennis court. You might have enjoyed the game on a fake turf, but thanks to its eminent qualities you just watched or focused on the game. Let us combine its salient features:

  • Grip, slip and bounce of the ball comparable with gravel and sand courts.
  • Meager maintenance required, no sweeping the lines and dragging required only once a day.
  • No matting up of the top layers as it is filled with mono-filament fiber structure.
  • Excellent choice for the private tennis player courts.