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Artificial turf is not just a grass. It is the compilation of a huge landscape for the homeowners, and an effective place for a match to the sports players. Since the advent of artificial turf, it has been gladly accepted by different sports authorities, as the best alternative to replace the natural turf. It provides the feeling of walking in a garden with moist dew and is completely safe to use in higher temperatures. Available in different shades of colors, it can create a happy ambiance in your backyard, playground, tennis court and cricket field.INSTALLATION PROCESS

Installation of artificial turf needs the preparation of the ground. The synthetic turf would be installed by the company professionals on the drainage through the backing of synthetic grass. The inner material kept for the straightening of glass blades and the yarn, create the exact image of  natural turf.


Although the expenses of artificial turf are cheaper than the natural turf, you need to measure this for a longer period of investment. They have fewer maintenance hassles, and can be used for multi-functional purposes. You can play on it, sleep on it, or organize the barbecue parties for your kids. It definitely offers a higher return than the natural product. If the installation place is clean and dry, then the benefits would  be a lot more positive.


The producers of artificial turf are using the reusable materials and items, for making fake grass products. These items provide a fair and square benefit as they are reasonably cheaper and consume less time. You can cease worrying about the fake turf product, as it is made for rough usage.


Cricket is invariably the most favored sport in several countries. Viewing its popularity, the sports authority council decided to make use of the artificial cricket grass in making the cricket pitches more smoother and organized for the players. With the installation of fibrillated fibers in the practice-pitches, the ball provides excellent bounce, pace and carry. When the fibers are facing the bowler it gives a fine grip, and provides maximum advantage to spin bowlers as their balls land with a big bounce. With the installation of artificial cricket grass in national and international matches, the players can easily dive, throw, slide or practice their fielding techniques without getting any leg or knee injury.

artificial cricket grass


There are recorded testimonials from cricket coach and players. They supported the artificial cricket grass pitch installation and it improved their game. The players played with no fear of injuries.
In general, the natural turf fades away after 250 hours of constant playing. It only works for a season or two and then the pitch building hassles are faced. Fake grass pitches have a longer sustenance. They do not wither and come with a warranty period. The season cricket can organize a nonstop tournament without having to bother for rains or dryness. It is rapidly becoming a go-go choice for sports athletes. The oval and syn-cricket grass is a special made artificial cricket grass. It is more comfortable than the fiber grass and provides a superlative pitch. Syn-cricket grass is filled with silica sands to protect the fibers from exhaustion. It is recognized as a spin speed control agent.