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Do you fascinate gardens and its

greenery? If you do, then you are a keen gardener. Gardens provide a sense of joy, relief and beauty to our soul. They are a place where you can relax and forge

t all your worries. And talking about the garden, how can we forget the lawn? Nowadays people are using artificial grass for their backyards and front gardens. They are proving a real good option against the natural grass which requires excessive care. Even in the field of sports, the use of artificial cricket grass is huge as it provides more comfort to the player.

What Exactly Is Artificial Turf ?

Fake grass is a blend of polymer plastics which make the grass, it is combined with a infill of sand, rubber to make it soft and is water absorbent. Its history goes back to the year 1964 when it was first developed as an answer to the sports field covered with domes. They didn’t had sufficient sunlight for the natural grass to develop. In today’s date, the usage of artificial turf is large in athletic fields, as artificial tennis grass, for commercial use and for the home backyards and gardens. A beautiful landscape can be created with the fake grass and you can have the samedelight of walking on it as on the real one.
artificial tennis grass

Grass Types And Shades

Along with fabrics and synthetics there are various other forms of turf, available in the market. They all have diverse qualities and based on it they are priced. Their quality ratio  depends on the number of blades or strands per square inch. The blade height may vary  and the seams also are treated differently. They use various shades of polymer and nylon strands to arouse a feel of thatch.

Fake grass is made with advanced and innovative techniques to suit the taste of people. Sand dresses, carpet floor and in-filled with reusable rubber are some of its current favorite forms. These makes it easy for you to choose. You can act according to your budget limits, the kind of sports which you choose to play, the number of players involved in it and the maintenance cost of the pitch.

Sporteous Taste Of Fake Grass

The limitations of artificial turf has broadened itself to the sports field since ages. Previously, the quality was not so high, and the color shades were limited, but now with the use of 3rd generation technology the artificial tennis grass is proving the best solution for tennis players. They can play on it for hours without hindrance. The advantages are wide and clear. These grass requires little or no maintenance and no need of dragging the brush on the court after every match.  It absorbs plenty of water, is extremely user friendly and does not create any problems to the footwear.

Big tennis matches where well-known players come to play, also make the use of artificial tennis grass. It gives them a smooth feel to run on either side of the court, and no matter how rough the tennis match is player, its water absorbing technology keeps the court clean and dry for days and even nights. The seasons can be extended by this benefit and matches no longer have to get canceled.

Cricket is a game which holds a place in every sports lover’s heart. For winning the national and international matches, the contribution of artificial cricket grass on the pitch is praiseworthy. The synthetic turf pitches have more sustainability then the natural one. It gladly withstands extra usage compared to the natural pitch. Players can play on it longer and more often.

Pitch with natural turf would began to fade after 250 hours of game in every season, whereas the artificial cricket grass can be played upon for 24/7, day and night whenever you want. With the use of fake turf there would be no need to use the insecticides to remove the insects. It wont require water or mowing, will also reduce the danger of pollution and will make the arena safe and healthy for the players as well as the fans. Such salient benefits make the fans relish a full season of lush green game along with their favorite players.

However, you shouldn’t forget about its maintenance aspect. Reason being, the grass maybe artificial but with a little care and nurturing it will provide the same moist and dew in the morning as you did in the natural one.

Ideal For Pet Lovers

Certain turfs are made especially for dogs and other little animals. You can choose from their variety and let your dogs play happily and safely on it. Take care of the fact that it does not heat up to much. There are heat resistant turfs available specially for the sunny climes. Most artificial turfs have the warranty of about 15 years. It depends on its usage and quality. Become aware of the low quality fake grass, It would shine more like a green baize.