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Manmade solutions are spreading worldwide and in every field they are making a difference. Every sport needs perfection. To make better smooth performance players find solutions for enhanced play. Manmade solutions have touched the area of sports too. One such solution is the substitute to natural grass playgrounds is the artificial FIFA grass which is now increasingly in demand and replacing natural grass.

Artificial Sports Grass

The market for artificial grass or futsal grass is seeing a huge rise and is gaining popularity quickly. Manufacturers of this are striving to come out with best quality grass which can be spread on play grounds as well as on gardens to give better appearance and enhanced performance. High end cutting edge technology produces the best of artificial grass which takes over the naturally occurring grass leaps ahead. The maintenance cost is much less and less investment is needed for the long run. Earlier this artificial method was restricted to commercial large scale pitches of cricket and other sports such as rugby, football and tennis but now even home gardens, kids’ playgrounds, small society playgrounds are incorporating and switching to these methods.

  • Several issues which occur in case of natural grass such as drying, patches of areas with no growth affect the total playground. Artificial FIFIA grass needs less working on or towing or maintenance for several days.
  • There is less money spent as a lawn keeper is not majorly needed. There is no need for laying grass frequently and after laying it once it can be used for long durations.
  • Even after playing sports and ball rolling on it at high speeds at hitting it does not see severe damage and less repair is needed as compared to the natural grass which sees more wear and damages,
  • Any stagnating water is eliminated; no fertilizers are needed for the growth of futsal grass
  • Players have experienced a difference in their performance when the play on these artificial laid out grasses which have very smooth flat surfaces that players would yearn for.

Every game in the international front has its own standards for every aspect from equipment to game rules to the ground in which it is played such as cricket pitch or either futsal grass. Even in case of football which is a world renowned sport, the ground needs to have certain standards to be met. For the ground FIFA has set standards and has approved the need to place artificial grass spreading across the ground to give unparalleled performance by football players, The FIFA standards have tried to maintain consistent level of the grounds and artificial FIFA grass for enhanced performance.