“Pain is only temporary but victory is forever” is a famous quote every sportsman abides by. Sports are one of the favorite passions that most of the growing age kids and youth have. The zeal to perform and win is unparalleled when the player is on the field to perform his or her best. Today sports unites the globe and the way sports are conducted in every conducted or region have seen tremendous revolution through the years.

Earlier a sport like cricket needed a simple bat and ball and basic equipment and some efficient players with ample zeal. But through generations and changing times and needs of people these sports have seen changes. Best in class equipment technologically advanced methodologies and techniques have brought a totally new angle to every sport. Perfection and precision is the need of the game today. High quality equipment is not a sign of luxury but a need for perfection. Sports gears are finer in quality and give smoother performance on the ground.

Through revolutions there are solutions such as artificial cricket grass for cricket grounds to have a smooth lush pitch to play better on the ground. The placement of artificial grass surfaces or artificial cricket grass has spread worldwide not only to cricket but other games of hockey, rugby, tennis, and football. In addition artificial spread of grass provides great outputs for cricket as there is less need for any type of maintenance and can be effectively used for more hours of activity. For international level of games, high qualities of artificial cricket grass are in demand and gained recognition by internationally acclaimed governing bodies as IRB, FIH or FIFA.

The area where the actual cricket is played also known as the pitch needs to have exact standards of ground. The pitch for cricket is desired to be very smooth and should have a plain leveled flat surface. To meet this requirement artificial grass surface is apt. In cases of natural grass it is difficult to have a constant maintenance of smooth surface, whereas in artificial grass it can easily be done by manual efforts. With frequent play, the natural grass can easily be worn out the artificial prepared ground is more durable and is less subjected to wear. The performance is better as the ball rolls smoother and playing any sport is seamless.

Artificial lawns are also used in home gardens, hotels and event places, play area for children, etc. To save time, investment of capital and manual efforts artificial grass or artificial lawn is well suited.