Artificial Grass, which is popularly referred to as artificial turf, is in vogue! Gone are the days when such grass was meant only for stadiums. Today, the artificial grass has extended its scope to gardens as well as lawns inside residences.

What is an artificial turf?

To begin with, football synthetic turf is basically polyethylene plastic grass which is filled with crumbs of rubber. Most of the stadiums across the world are made of Artificial Grass which offers the green surroundings while remaining unreal. People have been geared up about the possible health hazards associated with artificial turfs, but still they are insistently increasing in most areas in the residential zones.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

When choosing a particular grass for your homes, garden or stadium around you, it is very necessary that you know what the benefits of choosing the particular element are. For one, football synthetic turf comes with a lot of benefits that may help you in setting up a garden or stadium

Here are some of the reasons why artificial grass is in demand.

Low on Maintenance: One of the main reasons for choosing artificial grass is that it is pretty low on maintenance. In fact, you don’t even have to go through the whole process of maintaining it. Unlike real grass it does not grow or attract weeds or insects. Also, it remains green throughout the year without much effort from your end. Need for repairs, vacuuming, watering or refilling is nullified in this case

No Need for Pesticides: With, artificial grass you don’t need to spray pesticides. Unlike natural grass they don’t require to be looked after with fertilizers and pesticides. This is probably why people like using it more often

Space to Play: Regular grass attracts mud, holds onto water and makes it a difficult place to play. On the other hand, artificial turf increases playability. You will see that the access that you get in artificial turf is higher as compared to regular grass. Again its stability and dependability helps the players commit to their game. As mentioned it is meant for all weather conditions, and so you can play on it in any season without facing any issues

Reduction in Injuries: You will notice a considerable reduction in the number of injuries that occur on the football synthetic turf. The grass does not get torn unlike the real ones, and hence even when you do fall, you fall on soft grass that does not hurt you

So, create your own playground at home using artificial grass!