Gone are the days when you would find people calling artificial grass not worthy of being found in the garden. With its low maintenance attitude more and more people can be seen opting for fake or artificial grass.

Till a very long time, you would find artificial grass covering the Cricket stadiums or other grounds. This was meant for the players so that they could play in all weather conditions and not be bothered by injuries that grass brought home otherwise.

Where all to Use?

When you are talking of artificial turf, you must know where all you can incorporate such grass. Firstly, if you are a family that has kids and you don’t allow them to play in the garden due to the fear that they might be hurt in the grass then artificial or synthetic grass is your answer. Get a ground and construct a garden with artificial turf. You would see that it makes a good space for your kids to jump around and play.

Secondly, if you want to have your own playing ground, either a cricket ground or a football ground, then you can build it with fake or artificial turf. When you have your own playing ground equivalent to a stadium you can play there in all weather conditions and survive tough environments.

Why to Use?

When it comes to real grass, you will see that it hurts you in many ways. The grass is not lustrous or shining. So, it does not give out an appealing look either.

On the other hand if you use fake grass, you will have a shining variety gleaming across the garden or stadium. This is lustrous, and the blades are soft. So, when you look at it, you will see a green shine all through the year.

With real grass comes the pain of maintenance. You can easily avoid it with artificial grass. This grass does not require any maintenance or any sort of repairs from your end. Even when the sun is shining strong and the rains are heavy, you can enjoy your moment in the fake grass. Nothing is going to affect it. No amount of weed or dirt will be attracted into this grass.

Installing this grass takes about a day or two. You will need to dig around 5 inches of soil on day one and roll out the carpet of the grass on day two. It is indeed a two step process.

So, have a fun moment in grass by installing fake green grass.