Artificial grass market originated way before 3 decades. It will be surprising to know that the first application for artificial grass was for sports. It was used a lot for Football, multisports, hockey but recently it has gained acceptance in Tennis, golf and also for artificial Cricket Turf (Artificial Cricket Pitch).


Understandably so, cricket pitch is internationally is mainly made from mud. Again, it requires immaculate bounce and grip. Hence during adverse weather condition like monsoon, it needs to be covered, watered, dried. Also intense heat will result in chipping of the pitch. Also most of the action takes place in those 22 yards, the area is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. With above reasons, it will be easy to understand that cricket pitch is a huge maintenance surface. Eventually, Asian countries started using Cement pitches to avoid such expenses. This reduced the expense, but the sport was compromised. Playing conditions changed drastically.

With the entry of artificial cricket turf (Artificial cricket Pitch), not only was the maintenance issue addressed, but it also replicated playing conditions compared to soil. Nowadays, there are many grounds and academy, having artificial cricket pitch for practice. Domo sports grass is one of the key artificial cricket turf suppliers in Asian market.