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Artificial grass has gained much popularity since the last many years. More homeowners who want to save water, time and efforts are investing in for synthetic grass. There are several benefits of switching from real, natural grass to artificial turf. Fake grass can be used for lawns, dog runs, rooftops, play areas, pool surrounds, etc.

What are the main advantages of artificial grass?

The homeowners would be able to save time and lawn maintenance efforts by installing artificial grass. It also helps to improve lifestyle and helps in water conservation too.

The major benefits of synthetic turf are:

  • Low maintenance
  • No watering
  • All-year-round-green
  • Better for the environment
  • Clean and hygienically safe

Why install artificial grass?

Being low maintenance, artificial grass is widely used by homeowners, especially for elderly people. Second or holiday homeowners can also look for artificial grass. There would be no need to water it, add fertilizers or mowing it.

What kind of base is acceptable for synthetic grass?

There are many different types of base you can choose from. However, it is advisable to use asphalt, concrete or tarmac base. Make sure that the edges of the slabs do not show through. If you choose impermeable surface for the base, you can have a slight slope to facilitate run off. Sub-surface drainage can also be used.

How long does artificial grass last?

This would depend on how much the area is used. When artificial grass is used in football pitches, it can be expected to last for about 7 to 8 years.

Is it safe to use detergents on artificial grass?

It is recommended to use mild detergents on synthetic grass. Avoid using products that are acidic in nature.

Is there any kind of maintenance that would be required?

Very little indeed. You would need to clear off the debris from artificial grass.

Will the pets feel comfortable with synthetic grass?

The pets are usually fine with artificial grass as they feel that it is same as original grass. The droppings from the grass should be removed immediately. If the pets spend a lot of time on the synthetic grass, a disinfectant should be used to kill the bacteria.

Will it fade in sunlight?

Being UV resistant, the artificial grass does not fade in the sunlight.

Can I lay the grass on my own?

In most of the cases, artificial grass can be laid by the homeowners. If you need assistance or expert advice, you can ask the supplier to offer the same.

Let’s talk money:

Artificial grass would require some initial investment. Generally, $ 5 to $ 20 per square foot. Once synthetic grass is installed, you do not need to worry about it for the next 15 to 25 years.