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With the increasing popularity of sports activities in India, most of the people prefer installing artificial grass rather than having real grass. Synthetic grass is easy to maintain and convenient. Sports arenas, parks, playgrounds, gardens, etc. are some of the places where artificial grass is used. As grass in such areas is exposed to sunlight all the time, you would need durable and sturdy material for the grass. Sudden variation in temperature does not have any effects on synthetic grass. It maximizes realism, durability and usability

Water conservation is one of the major benefits of using artificial grass. Such areas do not require watering, except for the occasional wash down. Hence, you would be able to conserve water by using synthetic grass. It also helps to reduce noise and air pollution. You can get the same look and feel by installing synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass - Namgrass IndiaBefore installing artificial grass in the sports ground, you should consider a lot of factors. The cost is the first and foremost thing you should consider while buying synthetic grass. The initial investment of installing artificial grass may be higher, but the returns may be high too. It is important to buy high quality turf. Such type of grass requires very little maintenance. You would be able to save hours every week because you would not need to mow, trim or water it. Without spending money and time, you would be able to maintain such grass optimally.

Mostly, sports grounds and golf grass courses are subjected to wear and tear. Hence, it makes more sense to install synthetic grass. If you use natural grass and it gets washed off, it may take a few months to grow it back. On the other hand, artificial grass maintains the original form and does not attract insects, dust and fungus. It is an ideal choice for bowling areas also.

Here are some steps that can help you install synthetic grass:

1). Remove the natural grass or plantation from the area where you are planning to install synthetic grass.

2).Install a composite board on all the sides.

3).Dig a deep trench of about 6 inches.

4). Disable all the irrigation lines as there would be no need to water such grasses.

5). Add self compacting gravel above the composite border level.

6). Add the turf and join it width wise.

You can seek professional advice when you want to install synthetic grass in the lawn or sports club. Self installation of fake grass is also a good option but it is important that it should be installed correctly. If you are planning to install such grass in a small area, you can surely opt for self installation.