Things to Consider Before Purchasing Artificial Golf Grass



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Being one of the prominent suppliers in India, we have mentioned a few things that people need to pay attention before installing artificial golf grass for their home.

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6 Myths About Artificial Cricket Pitches & Turfs



artificial cricket pitches

Many people still believe that artificial grass is not the ideal playing surface for cricket. So, we have tried busting these myths about artificial cricket pitches!

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Things to Avoid When Owning a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court



Tennis courts are incredibly rewarding as they stand strong against the test of time. But at some point, the disadvantages of the natural turf of a tennis court will catch up. To avoid these disadvantages you can choose to install artificial tennis turf.

Factors that affect the Quality of Synthetic Tennis Turf

Artificial tennis turf is not only long lasting but elevates the property of your home. Despite the durability, there are many tennis courts with synthetic tennis turfs that do not perform that well as they should. This depends on many factors. Being the leading supplier of tennis turfs in India, we are here to give you an insight into these factors that affect the quality of artificial grass.

1.Poor workmanship and quality of materials

Sometimes, in order to save money, we take some really wrong decisions which will go down as the worst ones that deteriorate the quality of the tennis turf in the long run. The most common way to compromise on quality will be to choose poor workmanship and quality of materials. This includes for:

  • Seaming Tape used that joins the tennis turf on the concrete foundation
  • Directly fixing the tennis turfs on the concrete surface with no seaming tape in the middle

There is only one way to avoid this mistake. Choose a reputable company to install artificial tennis turf on your tennis court. Always remember to choose quality over price.

2.Poor base or foundation for installation

A foundation of concrete is expensive thus the majority of the synthetic tennis turfs are laid on the road base material. This is a good material but needs to be properly prepped up, allowing a better surface for installation. If this surface in uneven, practicing on such a tennis court become difficult.

3.Irregular maintenance

Your artificial tennis turf cannot be cleaned like any other surface. It requires proper care and conditioning. But if a tennis turf is efficient and not natural, then why does it need regular maintenance? An artificial tennis turf needs regular maintenance in order to:

  • Remove unsightly mold and algae growth
  • Accurately correct sand levels
  • Control compaction levels
  • Surface strata fiber cleaning and grooming

4.No proper drainage system

Every tennis court requires a proper drainage system to let it clean out the rainwater quickly. Other than this, a tennis court can be water filled by the lawns and gardens nearby. This water can contaminate the clean sand, causing it to grow mold and algae, overtime. This can further increase the tension on the surface of the court, causing an eventual demise. This can be avoided by following a regular maintenance program.

Every tennis court requires a proper drainage system to let it clean out the rainwater quickly. Other than this, a tennis court can be water filled by the lawns and gardens nearby. This water can contaminate the clean sand, causing it to grow mold and algae, overtime. This can further increase the tension on the surface of the court, causing an eventual demise. This can be avoided by following a regular maintenance program.

5.Trees being too close to the court

The roots of the trees can cause breaking of the court. This is the reason why professional installers avoid planting trees anywhere near the court. As soon as the surface cracks, the tennis turf is disjointed or ruptured. Try to use root barriers along the sides of the court and make it crack-proof from trees.

How to get quality Tennis Turf in India?

Choose Namgrass to have quality Tennis Turf in India. We have a great range of turfs that are ideal to be used in sports lawn and courts. Get in touch with our representatives by calling us at+91 9924407773. Call us today!

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Why should you install Artificial Grass for your Children?


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Your backyard can be a playing haven for your kids if you choose to incorporate the right elements in them. Many choose natural grass to have a more natural appeal to their garden but is this natural grass suitable for your children?

We believe that natural grass can be beautiful but these aren’t safe for the kids and children. To keep your garden, kids friendly, you have got to install artificial turfs and grass. Why?

Here we have mentioned a few reasons as to how can these Artificial grass can be more beneficial to your kids when compared to the natural one.

  • Better playing surface

Artificial grass has an even installation. This helps the surface in being smooth, that can resist trips and falls with a good playing field.

  • No injuries or scratches

The artificial turfs are really soft, unlike the natural grass. Even if the kids fall deliberately on it, there are no chances of them getting hurt or scratched as the surface is simply smooth and soft. Also, they leave no irritation in the skin, making it really friendly for the kids.

  • A good choice for having a kiddie pool around

As we all know, kiddie pools and natural grass do not go well with each other. People feel that the live grass is tough and can endure all the weight, but in reality, they are really delicate. Also, the splash from the pool can create mud on the ground and kids can walk in it and then into your interiors, making your home a mess. Choose artificial grass to avoid all these problems.

  • No need to use dangerous chemicals and pesticides

Natural grass requires pesticides and some chemicals that can be dangerous for the kids and their health. These chemicals can certainly not be avoided for a long life of the natural grass. You can choose to instal artificial turf, to avoid the use of the dangerous chemicals, as they do not require it.

  • Great for developing an interest in sports

Our health we have now, greatly depends upon the kind of childhood we had. So, wouldn’t you want your child to have a healthy life ahead? Then you got to help them in developing an interest in sports. How? Install artificial cricket turfs or tennis grass, to help them have a professional playing field at home. With a good amount of practice, your child can even compete professionally, easily!

If you ask us, we would definitely suggest you install artificial cricket pitches or tennis turfs, so even you can play with your child and have a good time. Give Namgrass a call and let your kids enjoy their own safe garden. Call us at +91 9924407773 to know about your options.

5 FAQs Regarding Artificial Grass Installation


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If you are thinking of installing artificial turf, then you probably might have many questions running in your head. We would like to ease your mind and address all these questions for you. This will enable you to become an informed buyer and take the right decision towards a better landscape in your backyard. Below, we have a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about artificial grass installation.  

1. Does Artificial Grass fade?

Let us be honest, no matter how high-quality an artificial grass is, it can fade. Fading occurs on long-term use and it is not as drastic as you can imagine. There is a slight variation in the colour which can be covered in the warranty, if issued by the supplier.

2. Does Artificial Grass need water?

Artificial Grass does not grow as it is a synthetic option to the natural one, but it will still need water. Why? Artificial Grass can have dirt or specs on the surface. To remove them, you might have to clean it with water.

3. How viable of an option is to install Artificial Grass Turf in my backyard?

Artificial Grass is a great way to bring everyone together. It is highly versatile in nature and can be used for many purposes. For instance, many home-owners have started converting their backyards in a mini-golf club, with the use of artificial golf grass or golf green. These golf turfs are great to practice your swings and have a better play.

4. Can I park a car on the Artificial Turf?

Artificial Turf can be installed around parking areas and driveways but you need to discuss it with your supplier before picking an option. Not all artificial turfs are strong to withstand pressure and wear and tear caused due to the wheels of the car.

5. What is a lifespan of an Artificial Grass Installation?

With proper maintenance and upkeep, you can expect your artificial grass installation to last for 10 to 20 years, depending upon the quality of the turf.

Time to covert your backyard in low-maintenance landscape!

Add Namgrass’ natural looking artificial turf to make the most of your backyard and convert it into a beautiful landscape. If you wish to have a more functional backyard, then you can choose the artificial football turfs or golf green to have a highly sustainable play area for you and your kids. Call us at +91 9924407773 to know all about your options and landscape possibilities!